Buses for Employee Shuttles? Absolutely!

In the course of your business, you may find it beneficial to transport employees from Point A to Point B. At EZ Transit, we have the perfect solution! Our buses are a great option to shuttle employees of any company size. With our assortment of different buses and different sizes, we have the right bus to suit your needs!

Cost is always an issue for any business decision. We can work with you to come up with a cost effective plan to shuttle employees. Whether you want to ensure employees arrive on time for their shift, need more space in your parking lot, or just wanting to add to the benefits already offered to employee, our buses are the perfect way to provide transportation for employees.

We are here for your long term transportation solutions!

Thinking about when you would need a bus to shuttle employees? Here are some examples!

Seasonal Workers

Some workplaces have an increased size of their workforce during different seasons. Parking lots may not be able to handle the increase. Have employees park at a central location and bus them to work.

Bringing in Out of Town Workers

Some workplaces are located a far distance from where the majority of its workers are located. Especially in Manitoba, it is not uncommon for workers to travel from Winnipeg to other small towns like Portage la Prarie, Elie, Selkirk, etc. daily. Offer your employees the option to take a bus to work and save the wear on their vehicle!

Shuttle From Parking Lot to Job Site

Some parking lots are just massive! Some companies even have multiple parking lots and are located far from the actual job site. Have a shuttle for employees to get to and from thier vehicles!

Job Site Transportation

Do your employees need to move around quite a bit during the day? Are there multiple job sites? Save your employees time, and make them happier by eliminating their own gas consumption!

There are benefits to the employer by using buses to transport employees.

1. Low Cost to implement

2. Available long term or seasonally!

3. Different sized buses for different sized groups

4. Ensures workers arrive on time

5. Creates a strong team because employees will spend time together.

6. Parking lot will remain cleaner

7. Reduces Emissions

8. Employees save money!

Contact us today, and let's discuss the best solution for your business!

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