Preparing for "Back to Normal!

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Business has changed drastically during this global pandemic we are all facing together. EZ Transit specializes in group transportation, and well, Covid-19 has definitely slowed us down. While we do still have some wheels turning daily, it is not the year we expected or anticipated for. Let's flash back to pre Covid times....

EZ Transit was experiencing tremendous growth. It seemed like every month we were adding a new bus or two to our fleet. Actually, we were averaging just about 2 new buses per month before Covid-19 struck. We were working with new schools daily, we would learn about new opportunities, and we finally had built a reputation of trust and reliability with the city of Winnipeg. I am sure you can imagine how excited we were to be growing so quickly. The phone was ringing non-stop, emails flying in, drivers applying for jobs faster than we can hire. Everything was great and more than we ever wished for, and then BOOM, our world got rocked just like everybody else...Covid-19 hit.

As we come close to our 2nd Birthday (yes, we are not even 2 years old yet!), we are sitting here in our office, just after new gathering restrictions got announced. The phone is ringing off the hook and emails are flying in to reschedule current bookings. It's not what we want to be doing right now, but it is out of our control.

As we wait for things to return to normal, we are making use of our time by getting ready to return to normal (when ever that new normal is!)

What we are doing is simple...IMPROVING! We at EZ Transit understand the world has changed and your needs have changed. We are adapting and will continue to adapt to meet your needs.

  1. We are working on a brand new website that will be full of information regarding our fleet, scheduling, and booking information. Our website is where a majority of our customers find information about us, so we are making sure our new site is accurate and reflects our values and value! It will be easier for our customers to know their options and book their transportation.

  2. We are creating new marketing materials such a pamphlets , billboard ads, and other informative print materials. This was actually an idea from a a school who requested a pamphlet to give to each one of the teachers on staff!

  3. We are currently acquiring buses to add more variety to our fleet. We will be having a broader variety of buses to choose from. This includes 33-35 passenger shuttle buses with coach style seating, and more buses with wheelchair options to choose from. Our customers will now have more of a choice when choosing which bus they need. In addition, the demand for our limo buses has been increasing to the point we have to say no to a lot of bookings. We HATE saying no, so getting another limo bus was a simple decision to make.

  4. We are working on the little details. That tiny little rip in a seat that nobody noticed, we are fixing that! That little paint chip on the exterior that is barely noticeable, we are touching that up! Now is the time to take care of the little things! Our buses will be the best looking buses on the road.

  5. We are developing new safety regulations and a training program for our drivers and staff. While our drivers always followed safety protocols, with the new normal, safety requires more than just getting passengers from Point A to Point B and doing pre trip inspections. Safety requires a whole new level of sanitization and cleaning. With our new cleaning equipment, we are assuring you that our buses are safe and sanitized. Our riders will be able to ride with confidence!

Stay tuned for more information, and we will be sure to announce when our new website is ready. In the meantime, yes, we are still taking bookings, and we will be happy to take care of your transportation needs. Contact us today for a quote or any information!

Stay safe everyone!

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