Why a Yellow School Bus? Reasons to Rent a School Bus!

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Think Yellow!

If the cost of a highway coach or multiple limos does not fit your budget, school buses are the perfect choice to consider getting your large group around! Whether you are transporting kids, or a group of adults, it is always fun to bring back memories and ride a school bus!

Here are some reasons why:

1. It is much cheaper than a coach or a limo, so you'll save a lot of money!

Who doesn't want to save money?! Pick a school bus and keep your wallet full!

2.School Buses are great for short and long trips.

School buses are great to get across town or even to leave town. We leave Winnipeg, and travel anywhere in Manitoba!

3. School Buses are great for large events!

We don't think you will find a more cost effective method to transport guests for your large events. This could be a school field trip, wedding, pub crawl, or staff party. Our school buses can fit many passengers and have many available to be booked!

4. You will take a trip back down memory lane!

Battling for the back seats! Remember that? Being on a school bus will spur conversation about past memories when riding a school bus to school. No better conversation than "Remember when..."

5. School buses are very safe.

School buses are proven to be one of the safest methods of ground travel. It also helps that our drivers are experienced, professional and go through a screening process before being hired! We will ensure you get where you need on time and safely!

6. School buses help cut down greenhouse gas emissions.

School buses will use less fuel per passenger. 1 school bus vs 20-40 cars? This one is a no brainer! Let's take care of our home!

7. School buses will ensure everyone arrives on time and together.

Limit the stress on yourself and your guests!

What does a school bus cost to rent? Well, it depends!

  1. Where do you need to be picked up?

  2. Where do you need to go?

  3. Need more than one bus? We will give you a discount!

  4. Does the driver need to stick around?

  5. What time is the return?

A yellow school bus is a great choice for any event! If you are interested in renting a bus or have questions, contact us now and we will be more than happy to help out or give you a quote!

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